StyleNoChaser Mag Interview


Una entrevista como las de antes, que te hacen intentar explicar los mecanismos subyacentes al acto creativo, y un poco recapitular. Para el Magazine de tendencias en NY Style No Chaser // Style No Chaser Magazine says: 
'Spaniard, Rai Escalé is a very moving individual in more ways than one.  His words are sagely calming and subtly scolding at the same time.  He understands human nature perfectly but also does not believe that we are powerless in changing innate behavioral traits.  He believes that art could literally calm the world down.  Rai depends on a fluctuating process of going in and out of his own psyche to uncover, recover and reveal images that cause his audience look and look again.  Rai knows that his process and creations are unpredictable and could cause gallery owners/collectors some hesitancy, but he is also aware that an artist has to be expressively truthful.  Rai’s words teach us in a non-condemnatory way that a simple life that takes loved ones, nature and travel very seriously is a good life.  And when you add the creation of truthful and beautiful art to the mix, it is like you have Heaven on Earth.' Click to read the full interview