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He estado haciendo algunos cabezales para Politronic, y este mes sale publicado el primero.
Ya veis que se trata de una tienda online de musica 'moderna'. Gracias Nikka!
Did a header for a spanish on-line techno records web.

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Anònim ha dit...

You know her name is Margarita!
She came from the Michail Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita"...
When Master met Margarita on the street she was carrying the yellow flowers “mimosa” - the first flowers to appear in the spring here. "She said that she had come out with the yellow flowers that day so that I'd find her at last" (chapter. 13). Margarita's flowers are a symbol of misery; yellow is the color of the madhouse (state buildings in Soviet Union were painted dark yellow, and "yellow house" means "madhouse" since Fyedor Dostoevsky times), as well as the color of betrayal -- one should never give yellow flowers to a lover in Russia…
Well…this is the portrait of Master’s Margarita so the portrait of Muse;))))