Miroir Noir 'Parellel Universes' @ GMB (SK)

Copipasteo el artículo de la web de Miroir Noir donde detallamos qué y como sobre la expo en Bratislava, por si le interesa a algun despistado políglota. En Eslovaquia la cosa va en serio, GMB ya es un museo a la clásica, el de la ciudad de Bratislava. A nivel de mecánicas, es curioso que se vendan más piezas en una muestra donde no se ponen las piezas a la venta que en una galería comercial. Misterios del arte y sus canales de comercio. Para quien quiera hacerse una idea visual de la instalación, opening y fiestecilla post-retro, pues a visitar los tres enlaces al final de la versión inglesa. Tot va anar molt bé i n'estem molt contents. ///
We are very happy with the exhibition at Palffyho Palace, the most beautiful of the Bratislava Town Gallery (GMB) buildings. It has been nearly four years since we had our last solo show in Bratislava, but it has been worth waiting. Opening June 9th. Exhibition until August 30th. Visiting hours from 11 to 18 except Mondays.
The show will consist of a selection of the twenty (20) most representative works from the three first series in the Gallery section here on the site, which are:
     COMUNION                CANIS L.                   PROPTER N.            
COMUNION           CANIS LUNAE            PROPTER NUPTIAS          
We came to the gallery with more than 30 paintings, but the power of the collection told us that the installation had to be very simple and spacious, as every one of the pieces to be shown was powerful and self explanatory, and could even use much more blank wall in-between than what we finally could give them. So we ended turning down all redundant or superfluous pieces, until getting an essential presentation. Very pleasant and smooth to walk through, and a smart syntethisation of our work and evolution for the past nearly three years.

We must thank our collectors for their patience and collaboration, as half of the pieces here (and in Mikulov exhibition) are coming from private collections. We thought it was important to show the highlights of our rare production, so we once again bothered them with our requests and annoyances. All of them understand that we're on a mission, and they are on it with us.
Please visit our FB page for the full photo-documentary on installation and opening and after-party.